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Conflict transformation and peace building

analyse(Social) conflicts cannot be avoided and are even sometimes necessary to achieve social transformation and development. However, many conflicts lead to a vicious circle of violence. With our services we try to contribute to the development of structures, capacities, relations based on trust and perspectives that enable the non-violent transformation of conflicts and the construction of just societies.


Our services :

Conflict analysis

We offer tailor-made conflict analysis as well as the elaboration and dissemination of participative tools that enable the people and actors concerned to carry out their own analyses to fit their needs.

Accompaniment project management / Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Peace building projects aim at changing the behaviour of the conflicting parties as well as reforming the existing structures. Due to the complexity in the dynamics of conflict, it is often difficult to attribute specific changes to certain activities. We offer support in development of result based PME systems (planning, monitoring and evaluation). Our methodology includes the result chains, Outcome Mapping, Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA) and Do no harm.

Development of non-violent conflict intervention strategies

We offer support and accompaniment to identifying non-violent, context-related strategies. We design strategies based on facilitation and mediation techniques, non-violent communication, the Do no harm approach, negotiation techniques, lobby, networking and organisational development as well as intercultural and inter-religious dialogue.

Civil society contribution to the promotion of peace

Civil society organisations and networks play a key role in the transformation of conflicts. They support the conflicting parties in representing their interests in non-violent ways, create space for dialogue and offer their services as mediators. They protect actors against violence while promoting a culture of peace. We offer civil society members support in identifying and implementing adapted strategies and activities as well as in coordinating and networking with other actors. This work is based on our experiences with civil society networks in Niger, Chad and Germany and was inspired by the experiences and tools of the Reflecting on Peace Practices (RPP Project).