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Patrice Bendounga

Patrice BendoungaExpertise

  • Management of inter-communal conflicts
  • Peaceful conflict transformation between nomadic cattle breeders and crop farmers
  • Education for peace and citizenship
  • Training of trainers in non-violent conflict management
  • Migration and conflict
  • Crisis prevention (alert and early action) 

Professional experience

  • 2009: Training of trainers in citizenship. Sarh, Chad. Chadian Association for Non-violence (ATNV)
  • 2009: Head of department peace education, citizenship and human rights of ATNV
  • 2008: Facilitation of a forum uniting 300 Chadian women. ATNV
  • 2006-2009: Vice-president of the Chadian national committee on IDPs
  • 2005-2008: Vice-president, later president of the board of ATNV
  • 2007: Facilitation of a forum with cattle breeders, farmers, municipal authorities, military and civil society organisations of Chad. MEC Programme - Médiation Eleveurs Cultivateurs.
  • 2003-2007: Secretary General, later President of the Platform of Human Rights Associations (CADH) in Chad 


  • 2003: Diploma in Scientific University Studies (DEUS), Life and Earth Sciences
  • Training in techniques for peaceful conflict management. WAPI - West African Peace building Institute
  • Training in negotiation techniques based on the positive conflict management mechanism