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Conflicts linked to the management of natural resources and mining

files/fotos/Pipeline-1.jpgNatural resources are in the centre of a large part of conflicts in Africa. We distinguish between resources that constitute + the basis of subsistence economies (land, water, forests, and livestock) and mining resources that are often exploited in industrial ways (oil and gas, uranium, diamonds, gold, etc.). In many African regions access to land and water becomes difficult for communities. More and more conflicts arise around mobile life-stock breeding (nomadism, transhumance) and become increasingly violent. Very often local management mechanisms fail to meet these new challenges. Moreover the involved parties and new production modes need new management strategies.
In the case of mining, several factors contribute to the emergence of new conflicts or the escalation of existing ones: the non-transparent management and unequal distribution of revenues, environmental degradation, the destruction of social tissue and the disrespect of the rights of the people living in mining zones.
Based on our experience in the two domains, we offer the following services.

Our services:

  • Support for the local management of land conflicts.
  • Support for the peaceful management of conflict linked to nomadism and transhumance.
  • Support for the elaboration of local conventions that regulate the use of communal resources (forests, water, pastures etc.).
  • Moderation of fora uniting cattle breeders, farmers, authorities and civil society to facilitate the search for conflict transformation.
  • Establishment of dialogue forums around mining projects.
  • Support to civil society organisations who accompany people affected by mining projects.
  • Support to independent monitoring of mining activities, information dissemination and coordination of activities.
  • Training in advocacy and networking.


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