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Human rights, governance and citizenship

files/fotos/Deguerpissement.jpgSome of the current wars and violent conflicts originate from the violation of citizens’ rights. Intimidation and fear prevent citizens from defending their rights and respecting their duties. The rights of women and children are constantly violated. Bad governance is an obstacle for development and democratisation.

Economic, social and cultural rights are neglected by political leaders and many development strategies have turned out to be inadequate for the realisation of these rights.

Most of the African countries have signed and ratified the international conventions related to human rights. But signing these treaties is only the first step. Their implementation clashes with the socio-cultural and political realities and very often with the lack of political will among international actors.
The question of active citizenship is fundamental for the future of a nation. It not only implies the knowledge of citizens’ rights and duties, but also the need to put them in practice effectively by the individuals and to stimulate others to put them in practice as well.


Our services

  • Training in human rights for different target groups.
  • Training and accompaniment of human rights organisations in the use of international instruments for defending and promoting human rights (e.g. UPR - Universal Periodic Review; Principles of the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) regarding multinational corporations).
  • Training of trainers and facilitation of fora to mobilising people for an active citizenship.
  • Youth work on issues around citizenship and human rights.
  • Support for monitoring processes during elections.
  • Accompaniment for dialogue processes between political leaders and civil society on human rights.
  • Organisational development and accompaniment in planning processes of human rights organisations. 
  • Studies on issues related to human rights and governance.


Our references in that domain