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Djeralar Miankeol

Djeralar MiankeolExpertise

  • Local Development - Decentralisation
  • Planning – Monitoring – Evaluation
  • Environmental protection and improvement of agricultural production systems
  • Monitoring and Advocacy in the sector of oil exploitation

Expérience professionnelle

2008 – 2010 : Free Lance Consultant

  • Living with the oil – Study on the living conditions of communities in the oilproducing region of Chad
  • For an efficient use of oil revenues – Study on the management of the 5% of oil revenues earmarked for the oil producing region
  • Accompaniment of civil society networks in an assessment process of 10 years involvement in monitoring and advocacy around the Chad-Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project
  • Facilitation of the regional forum on conflict transformation between peasants and nomads in Chad

2005 – 2007 : Free Lance Consultant

  • National Expert for IRAM, in charge of training in the field of local development and decentralization with the Action Committees in two pilot regions in Southern Chad
  • Consultant for Worldbank and CIRAD to support the elaboration process of the Regional Development Plan for the oil producing region in Chad.  

1996 – 2004 : Program Officer and Coordinator of CPPL:

  • Elaboration and coordination of development programs with grassroots organisations and pilot farmers at ASSAILD (Association d’Appui aux Initiatives Locales de Développement)
  • Coordination of monitoring and advocacy of civil society actors in Chad working on the Chad-Cameroon Oil and Pipeline Project

1994 – 1995 : Facilitation of the participatory elaboration process of the development plan of Mayahi in Niger

1992 – 1993 : Program officer in charge of research, monitoring and evaluation of SECADEV (Secours Catholique et Développement)


Agronomy and Rural Development (Diploma)

Different trainings (one to three months) in participatory monitoring and evaluation, environmental impact assessment



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